Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Y or Z

Y and Z

Finally we come to the end of the alphabet series and while I’ve had a photo squirreled away for Z I’ve been trying to think about what I can use for Y apart from the obvious “yacht”. I found a couple of old pictures that I had scanned from prints. One was from our trip to Uluru in the 1980’s. Back then it was still commonly referred to as Ayers Rock but the nearby hotel complex was called Yulara. Now the rock is generally known as Uluru, the indigenous name for it but the hotel complex is Ayers Rock Resort – go figure. It is not a great photo so turning it sepia was probably an improvement.

The other one is from the nineties when I worked in the Adelaide rail yard. Also not a great photo but that place does not exist any more.

And yes, there is a yacht.

The Letter Y

  • Yulara
  • Yacht
  • Yard

Now called Ayers Rock Resort this was once called Yulara.

The Obvious Yacht-Auckland, NZ 2016

The Adelaide Railyard, circa 1990’s

The Letter Z

  • Zeppelin
  • Zephyr

Zeppelin, a fishing boat moored on the Hobart waterfront and a Ford Zephyr I saw at a car show.

Ford Zephyr

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: W or X

W & X

The Letter W

W was never going to be a problem. There are lots of things that begin with it. Here are two from the Hobart waterfront.

  • Wild Thing
  • Windward Bound

Wild Thing, one of the mini sized boats that can take you on a trip round Bruny Island where you may see dolphins

Tall ship Windward Bound

Tall ship Windward Bound

The Letter X

As there were no Xylophones, X Boxes or X-ray machines on hand I had to go with the following:

  • The letter X
  • Xmas Tree

Xmas Tree 2010

Oh look. A Xylophone!

Toy Xylophone

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: S & T

S & T

The Letter S

  1. Ship in bottle
  2. Shirley Temple (S and T)

This ship in a bottle was made by David’s great grandfather who was a sailor and passed down through the family. David’s father gave it to him many years ago and it had pride of place in our living room until last spring when I took it back to Adelaide so that it could remain in the family and hopefully be passed on to another generation.

Shirley Temple is a composition doll that Naomi and I bought last year between us, she was quite expensive. I was pleased to realise that Shirley is an S and a T so perfect for this challenge.

Ship in a bottle

Shirley Temple doll circa 1934.


The Letter T

  1. Towel Animal
  2. Tigerwoods
  3. Teddy
  4. Toby

I didn’t realise towel animals were a thing until we booked on our cruise. This was the first one that was made for us and is meant to be a rat but the big ears reminded us of Naomi’s dog Toby.

Toby is featured in this next set of photos of Naomi’s pets along with  her other dog Teddy and Tigerwoods her tabby cat. And no, we are not interested in golf.

A Towel Rat

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Q & R

Q & R

The Letter Q

It would be hard to avoid a Queen of some kind while doing Q. I have two, Victoria and Elizabeth. Today’s editing was done with Adobe Photoshop Elements just for a change except for the featured image. I added a warming yellow filter to the Hobart picture which was taken several years ago and was not anything out of the ordinary as a colour photo. I think I actually like this version better.

  1. Queen Victoria Statue – Sydney
  2. Queen Elizabeth Pier – Hobart
  3. Queen Victoria cruise ship -Sydney

Queen Victoria statue , Sydney

Queen Elizabeth Pier, Hobart

Cunard’s Queen Victoria in Sydney 2016.


The Letter R

  1. Railway Station
  2. Rivercat

The photo of Central Railway station was taken in 2012. It was evening and it came out with a strong orange tint to it because of the lighting. I quite liked the effect but it does look good in black and white. Central is now being renovated which no doubt means that it will be very modern next time I see it and its beautiful features will be hidden.

Central Railway Station Sydney.

The Rivercat is a fast ferry that runs on from Circular Quay in Sydney to Parramatta on the Parramatta River. It’s an enjoyable journey although when we went it was the only cold, wet afternoon of a week that had been way too hot for me.

Rivercat Ferry which runs from Sydney to Parramatta.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge – O or P

O & P

As we continue to use letters of the alphabet I have a few more photos from my archives to convert to black and white.

The Letter O

  1. The Op Shop where I volunteer three days a week. In the USA you call them Thrift Shops, same thing.
  2. Ovation of the Seas on a recent visit to Hobart.

Opportunity Shop (Thrift Shop)


Ovation of the Seas



The Letter P

  1. An old style phone box owned by a friend in Adelaide.
  2. A poster at a protest march (Double P’s)
  3. A beautiful old Plymouth at a car display in Oatlands

Old style phone box.

Poster at a protest march


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge – Em & En

M & N

Our letters this week are M and N. Most of mine are photos that I already had and edited for this post. I often photograph the maps around Hobart, partly for blogging challenges but also because when I eventually get around to doing more scrapbooking they work well as titles.
Misfits is a card game that we used to play as children. This is not our original set, Naomi managed to find another one. I took this when I photographed her toy room a few years ago.

The waterfront is a favourite location as you know and I photograph any large ship in port. The cruise ships are my favourites of course but naval and scientific vessels are interesting too.

The Letter M

  1. Map
  2. Misfits

A map of the Hobart waterfront

Vintage Misfits card game.

Vintage Misfits card game.

The Letter N

A naval vessel in port in Hobart.

Cruise ship Noordam in Hobart

Cruise ship Noordam in Hobart recently.