Snapshot Sunday – Cemetery

Old graves at the catholic cemetery in Ranelagh

Old graves at the catholic cemetery in Ranelagh

This photo, taken in Ranelagh in 2013, was inspired by a blog post I read this morning suggesting that there should be a Cemetery Day. Old graves are always interesting. They don’t look as scary during the day either.

Here is the link to the page I read.

Snapshot Sunday – Paparazzi Dog and Marilyn Rabbit

Fellow Blogger Julz who lives in Melbourne recently did a post entitled “Dog Boy and Rabbit Girl” featuring bronze sculptures in St Kilda, Melbourne. It turns out that there are a series of these popping up in cities all over the place. This one is the Hobart version.

Snapshot Sunday – Garden Visitors

I was very surprised this morning to look out the kitchen window and see four ducks wandering around in the back garden. I was even more surprised when I came home from the Op Shop at 3:30 pm and they were still there. I think they may belong to a neighbour as I have never had wild ducks in my garden in fifteen years of living here.
I had no objection to them hanging out for a while but I needed to let Cindy outside so the duckies had to go. I opened the back gate and shooed them out. The last I saw they were marching up the driveway, making no attempt to fly away.