Bad Photo Monday

Hello all. I decided to have a bit of fun and start a new series of posts. They will be for bad photos. We have all taken shots that haven’t worked out the way we would like. Have you ever beheaded your family and friends? Have you ever taken a photo you did not mean to take because the camera went off on it’s own. You got knocked or bumped in a crowd for example or you tripped or your hands shook. Your subject moved or clearly did not want a photo taken. We can take a bad photo for a number of reasons. It can just be because we are learning or have a new camera. Well I have taken a lot of rotten shots in my time and some of them are quite funny. I think Mondays are a kind of a drag when you still have to get up for work. I am still working and yes I hate getting up for work. I think some funny photo bloopers would be a good way to have a laugh on a Monday. If anyone would like to send us a funny blooper photo please feel free to do so. I think we will all feel better about our photography mistakes when we see each others too so let’s have some fun. The only rule is that it can’t be a staged blooper. It must be real. Here is my first one. Hope it makes people laugh.




I should have known taking a photo of a fidgety puppy would not work! Great shot of his bum in one of them.



Cee’s Black & White Challenge – C or D

The Letters C & D

Of course the first things that come to mind are cats and dogs. Of course as Polly is a black and white cat she’s a ready-made subject so I decided to play with filters a bit and leave spots of colour in some of the photos.

Snapshot Sunday – Cindy is Eleven

While I don’t know Cindy’s exact birthday I do know that she turns eleven some time this month. She still loves to chase a tennis ball even if she doesn’t keep it up for as long as she used to.

Polly’s New Toy

One of Polly’s Christmas presents this year was a catnip filled furry toy rat called Rizzo. I have bought her toys with catnip before and like my previous cats she has not shown much interest. However, she really seems to like playing with Rizzo and spent a lot of time on Christmas Eve pouncing on him and grabbing him with all four paws. I didn’t have the camera handy then but this morning when she was playing with him again I did manage to take a few pictures.

Have Pets Become a Luxury ?

When David and I got married we lived in a rented flat for a year so we couldn’t have a dog or a cat.  I did have a canary but you can’t really play with  them. We both came from homes with pets so as soon as we bought our first home we planned to get a puppy and a kitten. Since that time I have never been without a dog or a cat for long but being a pet owner has become a lot harder and a lot more expensive since the nineteen seventies.

Buying a pedigree dog or cat from a breeder was always too expensive for us. Our pets came from friends and family members whose pets had litters, from pet shops or from shelters. I don’t know if there were Puppy Farms back then, we had not heard of them. Most people who were selling pups didn’t ask a lot for them. A mixed breed dog was a mutt or a mongrel and there were no designer dogs like Labradoodles, Groodles, Cavachons or Cockaliers .  These new breeds are very expensive. Our first puppy cost me five dollars, best five dollars I ever spent too.

Labradoodle Assistance Dogs.jpg
By Oracle7 (talk)Myself – I created this work entirely by myself., CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

I don’t say this is all bad. Puppy Farms are dreadful, the poor animals suffer terribly and puppies born in them are more likely to have physical defects and sometimes mental ones as well. Fewer pet shops are selling puppies now too which is good I suppose because you can’t always be sure where they have come from. Obviously it is better to get a dog from a breeder or from a shelter. Shelter dogs are vaccinated, desexed and microchipped which of course any responsible pet owner would want to do. But it has made it expensive for people like me on low incomes because it is hard to find several hundred dollars all at once. In the old days that cost could be spread over several months.


Tessie was our second dog.


I hope that the fact that it is harder to get a pet now will make people take better care of them and I believe that people who have abused or neglected their pets should never be allowed to have another but I also think it would be a shame if pet ownership became something that only the rich could afford. Pets have great value as companions for people who are isolated by age, illness or other issues and these are the people who would find it hard to afford to pay for one.

Cindy at the Park

Cindy at the dog park 2007


My dog, Cindy is ten years old.  During the past year or so as I’ve had to adjust to living alone having her to care for has helped  me to cope but I am not sure if I will be able to have another dog after her. If I did I would probably go  to a shelter to find one but I feel that my suitability to own a pet might be judged by my income.

Perhaps we will have to buy our pets on time payments in future.

Cindy loves to play ball.

Cindy loves to play ball.

Snapshot Sunday – Sally



It’s been another week where getting out and about to take photos has not been possible so here is one from the archives. Sally is a dog that lives on a property in the Huon Valley where I did some work a few years ago. In fact saying hello to Sally was usually the best part of my day.