Cee’s Which Way Challenge – 2015 – Week #18

Which Way to avoid delay?

There have been a lot of road works going on near our house recently. One morning I was woken at 6am by the crash of the metal signs being placed near our drive way and vehicles with flashing lights. Luckily I’d been planning to get up at that time anyway. Another morning I went down my driveway to wait for the bus only to discover cars banked up way down the road. I thought it would be a big hassle to try to get the bus to stop for me once the traffic was moving again so I delayed my trip that day.

These photos were taken the previous week when a patrol came by to trim the trees that grow near the power lines. I went out to see what was holding up the traffic and they were just down the road from me.

As I live on the main road and there is no other way to go to Hobart but to take this road avoiding delay is not an option.


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